Coty Inc. is one of the largest companies of perfumery in the world. The company, also known for his collaborations with various celebrities for the creation of fragrances (Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Lady Gaga, Petr Čech, Céline Dion, Shania Twain, Faith Hill and Jennifer López) has its head quarters in New York and Paris. However, present and recommend a fragrance requires unique skills: quality training, continuous updating and technical training are the indispensable tools to create a unique shopping experience and make the sale style more effective. The communication path developed by Showreel for COTY in 2012 allows to provide the necessary tools to develop individual skills in a simple and funny way and make the job more fruitful and rewarding every day.



The COTYforYou platform was created as a web-based tool for online training of the internal sales force and of the salesmen in the stores. It comes, over the years, a community platform, a reference point for professional training on products, and interactive place for the exchange of ideas and experiences among users.

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User Friendly

Simple and immediate access and use of the training content (video tutorials, product data sheets, technical data sheets, presentation materials, driving sales, buying guide, ...).


Different paths according to the target and the level of learning. Generation of individual paths for power / new users, opinion leaders, ambassador.

Learn & test

Testing of the level of learning through dynamic and instant set of questions.

Incentive & reward

Users engagement through a mechanical rewarding with instant win, collecting points, achieving goals, special final price.



  • Instant monitoring of all activities of the platform on defined KPI
  • Quantitative analysis of the generated numerical for: user, cluster, geographic area, sales force
  • Qualitative analysis of the learning path, feedback and activities
  • Data mining
  • Reporting



  • Loyalty and clustering of user panels,incentive for power user, ambassador identification
  • Creation of emotional experience connected to the brand
  • Driving the building community through social tool tools (like, comments, share, private message)
  • Internal rewarding contest that highlight the best cases / best user / best team


In order to complete the development of online training platform, Showreel has managed the offline training events intended for the perfumeries vendeuses throughout the Italian territory. We created a communication format, "Atelier COTY", a privileged environment in which the network of Retailers interacts on the product and its applications, has a direct and rapid contact with Coty and the experts perceive the charm of brands.

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